CROP THE BLOCK brings together a community of enthusiastic independent filmmakers – CROPPERS – and works as an agency to create inspiring video content for digital clients.  It means that we are people who constantly try to better understand video creation codes, habits of people watching videos, platforms and technologies to broadcast them, etc.

We don’t know you but here we have the very exciting feeling that video is not only growing fast online but is being re-invented in the digital world. And we thought it could be nice share and discuss with you the few insights we come up with. 

Technology matters and we will sometimes deal with it in this blog. But the main focus will be on video content creation and marketing. Among topics we will for sure deal with are: how can and should video content be produced today? what can brands learn from independent creators? is there life for videos outside of the YouTube ecosystem? how can video (positively) affect SEO? is there still a border between content producers and broadcasters? and so on and so on.

We will provide our views on hot topics as well as deeper analysis. We believe some insights are key but also that there is no absolute rule, that online video field is open and that conversation can only strengthen this blog’s purpose. So feel free to react, whether you agree, disagree or want to add/correct something.

Hope you enjoy our posts and they can help!

CTB Team



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